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This is a board game insert / organizer for Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow game. It keeps all pieces neatly separated and organized. Makes cleanup a breeze. Nothing gets tossed around or mixed up when packing the game back up.

The board game is pictured but not included.

This board game insert keeps all pieces neatly separated and organized. Includes the following:
- Container for the 4 different card sets; Smart Deals, Doodad cards, The Market, and Big Deals
- Container for the dice and the cheese
- Container for the profession cards
- Container for pens and pencils (holds long and short ones)
- Container for player tokens and chips
- Container for cash

• Handcrafted out of PETG.
• Made in America. 
• Color is purple.

All items are handmade using a 3D printer. Some slight variations may occur during this process.

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