Every Day Carry Chapstick Sleeve, EDC Chapstick Holder, Protective Lip Balm Tube Case, Lip Tube Holder, Small Gift Idea, Tactical Gear

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This is an non-friction every day carry Chapstick sleeve made out of PETG. It's designed so you can easily screw the different parts together to complete the assembly. Pressure from the top and the bottom keep the Chapstick in place so it doesn't move. Made for Burt's Bees lip balm. However, I've tried with various other brands and it works with them as well. A great protective case that keeps your lip balm hidden and protected. Perfect for pockets, travel bags, cosmetic cases, purses and small storage areas in the car!


• Designed for Burt's Bees lip balm. We've tried various other Chapstick brands and it works with them as well.
• Light enough to store in your pocket and carry with you wherever your go.


All items are handmade using a 3D printer. Some slight variations may occur during this process.